Home Entertainment Drama as Judy Austin locks Yul Edochie outside their home (Video)

Drama as Judy Austin locks Yul Edochie outside their home (Video)

judy austin yul edochie locks outside fight

Couple drama ensues as actress, Judy Austin locks her husband, Yul Edochie, outside their home at night to teach him a lesson.

The two movie stars have been causing a buzz online with various videos that have captured them at loggerheads with each other.

In a new video shared on Facebook, Judy Austin had locked out her husband Yul Edochie late at night for always coming home late.

She could be seen interrogating Yul Edochie who stood on the other side of the locked gate.

According to her, she had decided to lock him out since he thinks that he can come home anytime he likes and tell her that she has no right to question his movement.

Watch below:

This has generated reactions from netizens:

Walshak Kos wrote: “Some people are just carried away by this drama forgetting how may and her kids are feeling

No matter how this drama is entertaining, I refuse to be impressed because I feel the pains May is having at the moment

Imagine building a relationship with a man from the scratch only for another woman to walk in and spoil everything.

Nothing impresses me about this. Yul used to be a respectable actor but now he has downgraded himself

Only people without conscience will support this act. “

Jerrie Bernard wrote: “I don’t really bla’me you.

I bla’me the unknown gvnmen that didn’t meet you there at night while you were acting.”

Comfort elohozinho wrote: “This is going out of hand. Why are you risking his life. Yul go and sleep out that is what she deserve.”


  1. Well destiny can give a twist you never imagined or saw coming. Today we are talking about Yul tomorrow ur story maybe on the headline News. Let’s allow them to live their lives, it’s not in my place to judge and remember he never abandoned May, she decided to pull out.


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