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I have not ‘knacked’ for 5 years, only used my hand to examine my boyfriend’s thing – Endowed lady speaks on celibate journey -(Video)


A lady based in Lagos State, Lekki Phase 1 precisely identified as Pretty Play has revealed that she hasn’t had intercourse for 5 years. The lady disclosed this in a brief interview with comedian and content creator, MC Mbakara.

Pretty Play who opened up about being a disc jockey and a barber vehemently stated that she has been celibate for 5 years. Mbakara who doubted the possibility asked why and she claimed that heaven is her ultimate goal. In addition, she stated that she’s just keeping it for her future husband as she’s likely to get married this year or next.

When asked how she manages to keep her mind away from raunchy and salacious thoughts that may trigger her libido, she stated that she’s a DJ and have other works she engages in which helps in diverting her thoughts from amorous things. She further stated that she’s not being sponsored or funded by any man except her father.

Mbakara threw more questions at her and made her do a 360 turn which let viewers have a good look at her killer curves. Speaking further, MC Mbakara asked if she was in a relationship and she said yes. According to her, she’s satisfied with her love life and isn’t searching.

More so, Mbakara asked her how she would be able to know if her boyfriend is capable in bed hence she wants to practice celibacy till marriage, and in response, she disclosed that she has seen and touched her man’s manhood and it seemed quite strong. Confident Pretty Play went on to offer N1M to any man that will prove he has slept with her in the last 5 to 6 years; which goes a long way to demonstrate the veracity of her initial statement.

Captioning the video, MC Mbakara wrote:

“She Has Not Knackked For The Past Five Years With All This Ukwu. Is It Possible.”

Watch the video below:


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