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“I am just coming from a lot” – Ruth Kadiri rejoices as she recovers stolen Range Rover whip

  • Nollywood star, Ruth Kadiri joyfully reports the successful recovery of her stolen Range Rover Autobiography, a vehicle reportedly pilfered by one of her workers.
  • Taking to Instagram on September 20, the movie producer conveyed her heartfelt appreciation to those who aided her throughout this challenging ordeal.
  • She disclosed that the alleged vehicle theft was orchestrated by one of her employees, although precise details regarding the identity of the suspect and the circumstances enveloping the theft were not disclosed.

Renowned Nollywood actress and film producer, Ruth Kadiri, has shared the heartwarming news of her stolen Range Rover Autobiography’s successful recovery, a vehicle that had allegedly been taken by one of her workers.

Via her official Instagram page, she expressed her deep gratitude to all those who played pivotal roles in helping her navigate this harrowing experience.

Ruth Kadiri went on to provide a detailed account of the incident, recounting how she returned home on September 9, only to be met with the distressing reality that her cherished luxury vehicle, the Range Rover Autobiography, was conspicuously absent from her home.

What added a layer of shock to this situation was her revelation that the alleged perpetrator of this audacious theft was one of her employees. However, the actress chose not to delve into specific particulars concerning the identity of the suspect or the circumstances shrouding the theft.

In her words:

“I came back home two Saturdays ago (9th of September)to discover that my Range Rover autobiography had been stolen by one of my worker! The story long no be here! I just want to thank everyone who worked hard and supported us in finding the culprit @nedokonkwo @ms_dsf @ivd001 and the @lakunleoni @nigerianpolice. mostly Jboy and his squad and his God bless you all! May we never see shame!

The culprit has been apprehended and the car recovered I am just coming from a lot God bless you all

#ripnohbad #saynotobullying.”

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