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“He wants to rip me off N800K” – Herbal vendor calls out Isreal DMW over breach of contract, scam (Video)

isreal dmw herbal vendor scam

A herbal vendor identified as Mides Haven has publicly accused Isreal DMW, the logistics manager of Nigerian singer Davido, of failing to fulfil a business contract and attempting to scam her of N800K.

The woman claimed that all her efforts to contact him have failed, as he has blocked her numbers and social media accounts, and her emails to Davido’s lawyers and managers have gone unanswered.

According to Mides Haven, she approached Isreal DMW in December, asking him to post an ad video promoting her herbal products on his page.

She claimed that he agreed to do it for one million naira and that she paid a deposit of 800,000 naira. She further revealed that she met Isreal DMW at the airport to deliver the products, but he didn’t inform her that he wouldn’t be posting the ad.

Days later, he requested that she send him the balance of the payment, but when she asked for the video of the ad, he made excuses, citing the death of Ifeanyi, and when she asked for a refund, he told her 30BG doesn’t do refunds.

Mides Haven disclosed that she has been unable to reach Isreal DMW since then, as he has blocked her on all mediums.

Sharing videos and receipts of their transaction, the lady wrote:

“@isrealdmw wants to rip me off 800k. I’m calling online because all avenues to reach him as failed I’ve been begging since December, I sent emails to the Dmw lawyer and managers to speak to him no response guess they didn’t see it.

In Dec, I contacted Isreal for an ad video of him promoting my herbs to be posted on his page. He charged one million and I paid an 800k deposit when he does the video and I like it, I’ll send the balance so he can post. (Please swipe to listen to the voice note of that).

So I met him up at the airport to give him the products, and he never told me he can’t post them. (swipe to see)

Few days after he started asking for balance and I asked for a video, then he mentioned he can’t post at the time because of what happened, but he never told me this before. So I asked for a refund he said 30bg doesn’t refund, okay when will you post he said he doesn’t know.

After he mentioned this I even understood the situation, and I was like I didn’t even think of this and you didn’t tell me either.
Meanwhile, the money was my marketing budget for December. So I said okay make the video since you can’t post I’ll take it to blogs to promote but he refused, he said I should send the balance first. And I was like wouldn’t that be stupid of me to give you more money when I haven’t gotten value for what I paid before? Then he blocked me, Any number I reach him with he will block, he has blocked 4 numbers so far.

I looked for his wife no begged her to talk to him, ever since I have been begging different people to talk to him. From my friend who knows people in Dmw to Mr. Tunde, to several other people.
it was just this month after the album launch he posted a picture of my product bag on his story. This was never what we agreed after waiting 4 months plus. So I called him he then said I should go and bring 10 million for video. This was not what we agreed. Tunji Dmw tried to talk to him too, but he still refused. The picture he posted I didn’t when get up to 3 customers from it, and my followers didn’t increase because no one understood what it was about. How can I pay 800k and not get value for money, no followers no customers”. 

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