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“Giving ritual vibes” – Video of lady undergoing ‘snail facial’ gets people talking

Nigerian spa lady facial snail
  • A TikTok video captured live snails crawling on a lady’s face as part of a skin therapy routine.
  • The beauty spa’s owner, Odutola Ayomide, explained that snail slime helps the skin.
  • Although some TikTok users find the practice unusual, Odutola assured that it is common at his spa as it works effectively.

A TikTok video shows a Nigerian beauty spa where ladies engage in a unique facial treatment using live snails.

The video, shared by @haykraftbeautystudio, captured a lady lying down as snails crawled across her face.

Initially, a single snail moved around her face, starting from the nose and progressing to her eyelids.

Subsequently, three more snails were introduced, and they explored every part of her face, leaving a trail of slime behind.

According to Legit.ng, the spa owner, Odutola Ayomide, explained that this snail facial offers numerous benefits, including anti-ageing properties, treating stretch marks, scarring, bacteria, and acne, as well as providing hydration and exfoliation for the skin.

He said:

“It is called snail facial. It acts as anti ageing property, helps fade stretch marks and scarring, treats bacteria, and treats acne. It is very good for hydration, especially during hydraulic facials. It also helps to exfoliate the skin. Even some people use it for the body.” 

Despite the positive claims, social media users found the treatment odd and likened it to a ritual or a filter effect. However, Odutola asserts that it is indeed a genuine and regular skincare routine, with many customers willing to pay as much as N20,000 for the experience.

As a testament to the effectiveness of the process, the video shows the lady’s face appearing clearer after the snail facial.

Watch the video below:


SNAIL FACIALS 🐌💯 #haykraftbeautystudio

♬ original sound – Odutola Ayomide Yusuf

Reacting to the clip, one @NeYoPaPi wrote: “Be like say something dey worry Una head .”

user9661693976715 wrote: “wetin be dis one , ha na wa o.”

Oyinkansola_stores wrote: “It’s giving ritual vibes.”


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