Home Entertainment Full list of TikTok stars/influencers whose private materials surfaced online over the...

Full list of TikTok stars/influencers whose private materials surfaced online over the week

Full list of TikTok stars/influencers whose private materials surfaced online over the week

Over the week, Nigerians and Africans as a whole witnessed the emergence of unclad videos of several TikTok stars and influencers from those with substantial massive following to others with few followers.

As the case may be, we’ll dive into a comprehensive analysis of the celebrities who were caught in the web of hot scandals.

First, The Buba Girl: she was obviously the one that took the lead and others followed suit immediately stirring uproar among netizens. Buba Girl who has a large number of followers (over 500k) on the video-sharing app, TikTok subsequently disclosed that the videos were released by a blackmailer whom she had been paying previously but unfortunately, she ran out of funds and the man just struck by releasing the nude videos. It was basically a solo sex video.

Second, Christine Nampeera: a curvy and heavily endowed Ugandan influencer with a lot of followers on various social media platforms. Her explicit tapes of her and a man engaging in a hot romp in the public toilet rocked social media leaving netizens in shock. Her story rocked all over Africa; from Uganda, down to Ghana and Nigeria.

Third, Tiqer Vivian: this lady’s own appeared to be one of the hottest as everything was duly captured. She could be seen having intercourse with a man in a bathroom. How the video leaked remains a big shock and surprise to a lot of netizens but what can we do?

Fourth, Molly: a very beautiful TikToker with over 90K followers was also at the centre of a hot scandal as her nude and masturbation videos leaked online. Netizens were also taken aback as Molly is considered to be a very beautiful lady who always left netizens drooling and gushing whenever she uploaded videos.

Fifth, Horlamide; With over 8k followers on TikTok, her nude videos leaked online also and triggered a frenzy online but the buzz was as much as the above-mentioned TikTok stars.

Sixth, Mimifx4: Although she doesn’t have many followers online, her explicit materials were also in circulation, stirring reactions among netizens.

Lastly, Cardib916: Her videos were also in circulation, and cybernauts who watched them can testify about it.

As we all know, the explicit videos of these above-mentioned ladies cannot be posted here due to rules and regulations guiding the community.

Some of these girls quickly changed their handles to private after the incident to reduce the backlash coming from netizens.


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