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Canada-based Nigerian man set to wed fellow man, shares pre-wedding photos

  • A Canada-based man has spurred reactions online after releasing pre-wedding photos of himself and his partner who appears to be a fellow man.
  • The man and his partner donned matching native outfits as they counted down to the D-day.
  • Cybernauts couldn’t help but express their thoughts via the comment section.

A Canada-based Nigerian man identified on Instagram as @iambrightj has triggered a frenzy online over pre-wedding photos of himself and his partner.

The couple who are set to walk down the aisle soon donned different native outfits in various slides.

The photos were also accompanied by a heart-melting and romantic note.

See below:

This development triggered a buzz among netizens who speedily shared their opinions in the comment section.

One officialblessingnwankwo1 wrote: “Two men getting married? Ozokwa? Two HUSBANDS gone. Again??????? Father Lord.”

nennyspark wrote: “This is really funny honestly, I see the guy with the feminine aura in the relationship. Being gay is being attracted to same sex. If the two guys are attracted to each other as guys, why then does one of them have to behave feminine and behave like a female in the relationship? Why can’t the both be masculine? Behaving female means one of the guys is still attached to feminine aura and still craves a female presence in his life, so why? Why are you gay, if you’re only going to be attracted to a man who behaves like a woman, so why not just date a woman? It’s really messed up. Same goes for women attracted to other women that behave masculine. Why not just date a man since you’re attracted to masculinity, and end up using male reproductive sex toys for pleasure why not just date an actual guy to begin with.”

petmorah wrote: “The disrespect to that clothes though .”

flawless.glow.skincare wrote: “Why did run to canada to go & marry…Why una no try to marry for Anambra & See d thunder dt will consume u …Adult pampers loading..Abroad dey change people seriously ,Abi na people dey change for abroad.”


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