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Alleged video of spiritual husband sleeping with lady trends online


A recently circulated video on social media has captured the attention of many users, depicting the disturbing experiences of a middle-aged woman who has been plagued by her alleged spiritual husband, causing her sleepless nights.

While there are those who have long held the belief that spiritual husbands are mere figments of imagination or superstition, the newly emerged clip has reignited the debate and fueled mixed responses. The footage shows the lady, who has been enduring countless hardships inflicted upon her by her spiritual husband during her midnight slumber, actually sharing the bed with this supernatural entity.

According to the available information, the woman has been enduring sleepless nights due to the relentless actions of her spiritual husband. Each midnight, he visits her and engages in various explicit activities that disrupt her peace and well-being. Unfortunately, her real-life husband has been unsupportive throughout this ordeal, claiming that she disturbs his own sleep during midnight hours.

In an attempt to find a resolution to her predicament, the woman installed a CCTV camera in her house, which ultimately captured the disturbing encounters she has been enduring at the hands of her spiritual husband. The viral video showcases the spiritual husband, known for engaging in sexual acts with the lady using various techniques, while also exposing the unsupportive reaction of her real-life husband, which was quite shocking.

Accompanying the video, an anonymous voice behind the scenes said:

“Spiritual husband is real, let us cultivate the habit of praying before going to bed.”

This caption adds a layer of reflection, encouraging viewers to consider the significance of spiritual practices and the power of prayer in combating such phenomena.

It’s important to note that beliefs in spiritual spouses or similar entities differ across cultures and belief systems. While some individuals firmly hold the belief in their existence, others may view them as mere folklore or myth. The reactions to this video reflect the ongoing discussion and diversity of perspectives surrounding this topic.

Watch the viral clip below:


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