Home Entertainment Actor, Prince Eke under fire over comment on Moyo Lawal’s tape (Video)

Actor, Prince Eke under fire over comment on Moyo Lawal’s tape (Video)

Prince eke moyo lawal tape leak
  • Nollywood actor, Prince Eke drops his two cents as regards his colleague, Moyo Lawal’s viral tape.
  • Speaking, the movie star doubted the viral speculation that ladies leak their tapes for clout.
  • He subsequently affirmed that Moyo Lawal didn’t leak her tape for clout; a comment that triggered backlash from netizens.

Nollywood actor, Prince Eke has shared his opinion as regards Moyo Lawal’s viral video.

In a video shared online, the movie star doubted the viral speculation about ladies leaking their own sex tapes to trend.

He asked whether sex tapes attract deals or money that will prompt individuals to leak them.

The script interpreter further averred that he believes Moyo Lawal did not leak her tape for clout.

Watch the video below:

Prince Eke’s assertion triggered a range of reactions from netizens who criticized him terribly.

One  nolimitruby1 wrote: “Mumu with empty head and beards “

thefoodnetworknig2 wrote: “Muma Gee, comman carry your babydaddy from here…He don know what’s going on! It’s giving pentium 1 ‍♀️”

poshest_hope wrote:  “Can they dead this matter already? How’s this even a subject of discussion?”

rosemarydinero_ wrote:  “Everything I know about this released tape is against my will . Y’all talk way too much.”

davidkhofi wrote:  “Yes na ….I said it, it’s not for clout. They shared it to entertain us and yes, we are! “

elesteven wrote:  “If anyone had told me years ago that people will post sex tape of themselves on a public platform and adults will start arguing and doing podcasts on such, I will say it’s a lie.”

pyramidvalley__ wrote: “Oh’ she told u about it already?.”

itisthepally wrote: “Did Tinubu as President of Nigeria take away the senses of the citizens???? With so much hardship, we are releasing sex tapes, defending and not defending the acts!!!! Goodness me, what will it be like in the next 10 Years, I guess people will be having sex in the day by the roadside. Guys, life too hard, let’s find food to eat before more madness and clueles$ness.”

everythingflats wrote: “We don’t really care, all of u should carry ur shamelessness away from my screen Mtchwwww.”


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