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Why Mohbad shouldn’t be reburied in Ikorodu – Man issues warning (Video)

mohbad not buried again ikorodu
  • A Nigerian man has warned the public against the idea of attempting to bury Mohbad in Ikorodu for a second time once the autopsy is completed.
  • In a video that has gained traction online, he proposed that fans should pool their resources to secure a suitable burial location.
  • Many individuals who viewed the video expressed agreement with his proposal and voiced a desire for a more dignified and appropriate burial for Mohbad.

A concerned Nigerian man has voiced a strong opinion against the idea of burying Mohbad in Ikorodu following the completion of the autopsy on the late singer’s body.

He firmly believes that a different approach is necessary, and he has called on Mohbad’s fans to come together and contribute funds to secure a more appropriate and dignified burial site.

The man’s warning stems from the previous exhumation of Mohbad’s body, which raised concerns about the respect and dignity of the burial process. He expressed his viewpoint, stating that Mohbad should not be reburied in Ikorodu and that such a burial would not be fitting for the late singer.

Instead, he proposed that fans each contribute a nominal amount, such as N500, to afford a burial at a more prestigious location like Ikoyi Cemetery.

Additionally, he called upon the government to take action in light of the exhumation and autopsy test results and ensure that justice is served in the matter.

In his words:

“Look here, don’t bring back Mohbad’s body to Ikorodu. He doesn’t deserve to be buried in that kind of place. If it’s for fans to contribute N500 each to afford his body being buried at Ikoyi Cemetery, it’s not too much. And for the government, since you exhumed him, we’ve not heard anything. We won’t rest until we get Justice.”

Watch the video below:

Reacting, One s.mayana_ wrote: “This Elegbon agba get sense. 2chilled heniekien for you.”

fifehanmioluwa_ wrote: “God no go shame Egbon yii!!! Dem no fit bury him for that place again we no go gree!! Police say make we give them 2 weeks so we dey wait…. We no go gree ooo we no go gree #justiceformohbad #justiceformohbad #wewantjusticeformohbad.”

big.emir wrote: “This one na better egbon! I suppose press am for you ❤️.”


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