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Why Guinness World Record wouldn’t certify Hilda Baci – Man speaks, highlights loopholes in her cook-a-thon


A Liberian man identified as @garytheblogger on Instagram, has revealed why Guinness World Record wouldn’t certify Hilda Baci as the individual with the longest cooking time while outlining what he feels are loopholes.

According to the man, Hilda Baci would not be able to break the record due to her violation of the cook-a-thon rules.

He stated that Hilda engaged in dancing, twerking, and performing legwork while cooking; actions that he believed were not appropriate.

The man further argued that the Guinness World Record organization would not grant Hilda the award because she was supposed to focus on cooking, not dancing.

However, his comments met several backlashes from Nigerians who defended Hilda and criticized his remarks.

He wrote:

“Joke aside Chief Aloycious is bigger than Hilda Baci when it comes to preparing food, he’s the G.O.A.T in my country, Liberia.”

“The Nigerian so called Hilda Baci was twerking while cooking, Guinness Book of World Record are not cra*zy people, they said cook and break record. “

“Hilda  Baci was DANCING legwork by Pocolee, the fun fact is that we are proud of her from Liberia as well because she is a strong young lady but she is nowhere near our Great Chef Aloycious.” 

Refer to the screenshot below:

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