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Twitter users rip life coach, Solomon Buchi apart over comment on PSG star, Achraf Hakimi’s divorce saga

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Life coach, Solomon Buchi is currently being dragged on the micro-blogging platform, Twitter over his comment as regards the trending issue about the Paris Saint-Germain’s star, Achraf Hakimi.

Earlier today, news broke out that Hakimi’s wife who filed for a divorce and demanded more than half of the footballer’s fortunes was left disappointed after the court realized that 80% of Hakimi’s properties are in his mother’s name who buys and makes payments for him upon request.

The news however spurred mixed comments online with some applauding Hakimi’s move while some faulted him.

Solomon Buchi who is known for diving into issues like such took to his Twitter handle to express his thoughts. According to him, a married man putting all his fortunes to his mom’s name is off.

He wrote:

“Your next of kin should be your wife not your mother. Your assets should have your wife’s name on them too. This is biblical marriage; you have become one in Holy Matrimony. If you can’t trust a woman with your riches, don’t marry her. Why marry who you don’t trust with your ALL?

This will probably get a lot of pushback from the redpilled movement, because of the recent Hakimi’s case: a successful footballer whose wife filed for divorce and division of his assets and properties, only to discover that he put all his fortunes in his mother’s name. 

Hence, she has nothing to gain from the incentivized western divorce culture. This seems pragmatic, but it is not right and ideal. I can imagine the mammoth defense that some mummy’s boys will get today. Putting all your fortunes to your mom’s name as a married man is off.

It shouldn’t be so. And yes, women who also marry rich men, with intentions to incentivize the marriage through later divorce are wrong too, but we can’t correct a wrong with a wrong. Literally, the scriptures states that a man needs to leave his father and mother to be married.

This means a re-prioritization: after marriage, your wife becomes your number one. Your mother is still your mother, but you’re not one with her, she’s one with your dad. Respect them, but your immediate priority is your wife, and everything about you, she must have access to.

As much as these sad things happen, I’m trying to reconcile us to how things should be. Christian men shouldn’t be thinking in this manner: willing all you have to your mom as a married man. Nah.

And men, do your due diligence before you marry. If you can’t trust her, don’t marry her, because marriage without trust is like roommates living together. Hakimi did it doesn’t make it right. Don’t start off wrong. Things still work the right way.

Christian marriage is not a place to fight to protect; it’s a place to give. Something must give. Something must be at risk. We don’t truly love, if we aren’t risking anything.”

See tweet below:

His tweet as expected met several criticisms from tweeps who mercilessly dragged him.

See comments that trailed the tweet beneath:


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