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“This is why I’m scared of dating an Igbo man” – Lady shades Flavour over outfit, he responds (Video)

flavour outfit lady dress sense
  • Singer Flavour faced criticism from a lady who subtly expressed her dislike over his fashion choices.
  • Expressing herself, she shaded the crooner by stating that the fear she has about dating an Igbo man is the risk of him dressing like Flavour.
  •  Flavour subsequently replied to the lady’s comment in a mild tone.

Famous crooner, Chinedu Okoli, better known as Flavour found himself at the centre of criticism when a female tweep expressed her strong disapproval of his fashion sense.

The singer had recently posted a video where he confidently sported an open V-neck black shirt paired with flashy red net trousers, showcasing his suave and masculine appearance.

However, this particular outfit did not sit well with a female user, who wasted no time voicing her negative opinion.

She made it clear that she disliked Flavour’s ensemble and shockingly revealed that such fashion choices were one of the main reasons she felt hesitant about getting romantically involved with an Igbo man.

In her words:

“I want to fall in love with an Igbo man, but I’m so scared that one day he can just come out of the room dressed like this, and he’d be so serious.”

Flavour in response to the lady’s comment wrote:

“You will be fine.”

See the exchange below:


This exchange between the singer and the netizen quickly caught the attention of social media users, sparking various discussions as many criticized the lady.

One @ultrajade wrote: “It’s funny how women wear whatever rubbish they want to but the moment a man tries it…. There’s something wrong. Leave men alone ahh.”

omalicha_oriaku wrote: “Igbo man don’t want you aswell for the fact you are concerned about what they wear ,they want a confident Obageliaku diya to make up for the whatever they lack ….”

da_hypequeen wrote: ” Trust me they don’t want you as well. That’s why they want their wives VERY BEAUTIFUL, EDUCATED, WELL DRESSED, SHINING AND USING THE LATEST SUV ❤️. I can’t dress and speak English but have you seen my wife?.”

pretty_kessy wrote: “Have you ever dated an Igbo man? I guess not, if not, the way you will be chasing them to love you, you sef go shock.”


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