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“Sometimes in life, don’t do good” – Uche Jombo calls out Chioma Akpotha as they lambast each other (Video)

Chioma chukwuka uche jombo call out

Nollywood actress, Uche Jombo, has jokingly hinted at why people shouldn’t be too good and kind-hearted to others all the time.

She cited an incident with her close friend and colleague, Chioma Akpotha, who she had treated to a day at the spa to ease her from the stresses of shuttling various countries.

Uche had hoped that Chioma would relax and enjoy the spa treatment, but it turned out that Chioma had been stressing out the staff at the spa with her several questions, including her dermatologist.

Uche expressed her disappointment in Chioma’s behaviour and urged her fans not to offer too much assistance to others due to things like these.

Speaking, she said:

“Sometimes in this life don’t do good. I look at my girlfriend, she has been running around Lagos, London, and America. And I decided to bring her to the spa, to my dermatologist so they can treat her well and relax.

We have been here 30mins and she kept asking the nonsense question, plus trust issues, stressing my dermatologist.

I want to tell people not to be nice, things you know, keep it to yourself”.

Captioning the video, Uche Jombo wrote:

“This is why some people are not good! Look at this nonsense girl. I will not tag her…. I don’t have her time.”

While making the video, Chioma Chukwuka could also be heard in the background jokingly hurling insults at Uche Jombo in Igbo language. She repeatedly referred to Uche as an ‘animal’, Uche who found it funny also fired back by saying she’s stupid.

Also, commenting on Uche Jombo’s video, Chioma Chukwuka wrote:

“Oh you don reach here eh kwa ? Ok wait for me ANU !”

See video and screenshot below:


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