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“So my son is food to you” – President of Dog lovers calls out Hilda Baci and Enioluwa over dog-eating video


Jackie Idimogu, the president of the “My Dog and I” group, has publicly criticized Nigerian chef Hilda Baci for her recent dog delicacy, dragging her to shreds.

Hilda Baci gained widespread recognition after breaking the record for cooking non-stop for 100 hours, garnering praise for promoting Nigeria and Africa.

However, she has once again captured attention for the wrong reasons. Hilda Baci shared a video on social media late yesterday, showcasing various delicacies she had prepared.  A particular dish that has caused uproar is the dog delicacy she included in her presentation.

Numerous Nigerians have condemned Hilda for perpetuating the stereotype that Nigerians consume dog meat. Others have argued that needlessly killing animals such as dogs is both cruel and ethically questionable.  Many have called for the removal of the video from her page.

Amid the widespread backlash, Jackie Idimogu, as the president of the “My Dog and I” group, took to her own social media page to publicly reprimand Hilda Baci. Expressing her disappointment, she criticized the chef for killing and serving a dog delicacy.

Jackie recalled how she and her fellow group members, along with their dogs, had shown support for Hilda Baci during her recent cooking marathon. She emphasized that there are dog lovers in the country who deeply respect and cherish these animals, and they refuse to accept any harm befalling them.  Jackie described her own dog at home as her own son.  She questioned Hilda Baci’s conscience in serving a dog delicacy alongside the other foods she prepared, thereby perpetuating the notion that Nigerians are dog eaters.

As the controversy unfolds, Hilda Baci has yet to respond to the issue, leaving the public eagerly awaiting her reaction.

Watch the videos below:


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