Home Entertainment Romantic movie scene of Lizzy Gold and male colleague gets tongues wagging

Romantic movie scene of Lizzy Gold and male colleague gets tongues wagging

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  • Nollywood actress, Lizzy Gold triggers a buzz online due to a romantic movie scene.
  • The clip which was shared on the actress’s TikTok handle got fans talking.

A romantic movie scene of Nollywood actor, Lizzy Gold and her colleague has gotten tongues wagging online.

The ever-busy Warri-born actress took to her TikTok handle where she posted a video of a sensual scene she played. According to the clip, Lizzy Gold depicted a character of a woman who attempted to seduce her sister’s husband.

The actor on his part could be heard resisting but at the same time grabbed her backside and pulled her closer to him.

The action was swiftly cut short by the director and Lizzy Gold began laughing.

Taking to the comment section, netizens expressed amusement over the man’s style of sexual resistance which appeared to be so weak.

@hudahabdulhamid wrote: “The way he was saying don’t do this while pulling her close to him. “

@Forex investor wrote: “Bros has been waiting for that part for years”

@_Becca.30 wrote: “That thank u came very fast the guy didn’t enjoy as he wanted.”

@jasmine wrote: “Was he zipping up or down.”

@Efyagold wrote: “I can see the man wanted the thing already “

@user908007519300 wrote: “Dont do this and your hands is pushing her waist .”

Watch the video below:


She needs him desperately…#work mode ..

♬ original sound – Lizzygoldofficial

In other news, Lizzy Gold raged after an Instagram user wrongly insinuated that she didn’t celebrate her colleague, Destiny Etiko who clocked a new age on Saturday, 12th August.

Destiny Etiko and Lizzy Gold due to their antics online are believed to be besties. However, netizens never cease to speculate about a possible rift at any given opportunity.

In light of this, an Instagram user identified as @suzz.ylamicious without conducting adequate checks rushed to the comment section of a recent post made by Lizzy Gold and wrote:

“U didn’t post destiny on her birthday.”

Lizzy Gold who was apparently pissed due to the fact that she actually posted Destiny fumed greatly at the netizen, describing the user as ‘Amebo’ (one who yearns gossip).

“@suzz.ylamicious did you go through my page very well? Amebo,”  the actress wrote.


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