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“No car, audio money, didn’t even make upto N2M from my cook-a-thon” – Chef Dammy speaks, solicit help in new video

Chef dammy cook-a-thon

Nigerian chef, Damilola Adeparusi alias Dammy has spoken regarding the donations she received after successfully completing her 120-hour cook-a-thon.

In a widely circulated video, the zealous chef refuted claims of receiving numerous donations from numerous Nigerians. She clarified that the total amount she had received so far had not yet reached N2 million.

Damilola candidly referred to the online donations as “audio money,” highlighting that the perceived generosity was not real. Additionally, she addressed the misconception that she had been gifted a car, emphasizing that such claims were unfounded.

Expanding on her statement, she politely reached out to her fans across Nigeria, appealing for financial support.

In her words, she stated:

 “I’m here to address the issue going on. The car, the money and all. I heard I was given a car. I pray it comes o. There’s nothing like car o. And the money. All the money that came in after the 120 hours is not up to N2 million. Please send me money. Come to my DM. I will answer you.”

Watch the video below:


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