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“My friend gave me N200K to lie against her”- Lady who accused Eniola Badmus of being a pimp confesses following arrest (Video)

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  • The Nigerian woman who accused actress, Eniola Badmus of being a pimp has confessed following her arrest.
  • She disclosed that she was paid a sum of N200K to lie against the movie star.
  • The lady had accused Eniola Badmus of pimping girls to politicians, adding that the actress has slept with a lot of them.

In a dramatic turn of events, a Nigerian lady who had previously made serious allegations against popular Nigerian actress, Eniola Badmus (describing her as a pimp and one who has slept with numerous politicians) has now retracted her statements, confessing that her claims were false and fabricated.

Initially, Eniola Badmus chose not to respond immediately to the allegations, leaving the matter unresolved for some time.

However, the lady later released another video expressing her fears after the police invaded her house.

In a surprising twist, the accuser after being arrested admitted that her initial accusations were entirely untrue. She revealed that she was facing severe financial difficulties and struggling to pay her rent when a friend approached her with a lucrative offer.

This friend allegedly offered her a substantial sum of N200K in exchange for fabricating a story and slandering Eniola Badmus, leading her to make the false allegations.

Watch the video below:

Her confession met a range of comments from netizens who chipped into the matter.

One @labi_wealth wrote: “If dem forgive this girl without any any small punishment even if na to wipe am small cord for neck Na F…k up oo cos many go still try am believing say dem go forgive them…”

realsoso__ wrote: “I don’t care if it’s true or a lie but the earlier they start dealing with people like this the better,people will learn from this,what eniola did is what I’ll gladly do if I were in her shoes.
I won’t let it slide so that others will learn from it.”

victorchris813 wrote: “The have also paid her to change the truth she already said.”


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