Home Entertainment Mixed reactions as Sarah Martins bumps into Rita Edochie at airport (Video)

Mixed reactions as Sarah Martins bumps into Rita Edochie at airport (Video)

  • Nollywood actress, Sarah Martins met her ex-arch rival, Rita Edochie at an airport.
  • Sarah Martins exuded excitement during their encounter and seized the opportunity to apologize to Rita Edochie who accepted her apology.
  • The duo shared a kiss afterwards.

Nollywood actress, Sarah Martins recently linked up her former rival, Rita Edochie at an airport.

The duo who were at loggerheads with each other courtesy of their contrasting standpoints as regards Yul Edochie’s marriage now appear to have reconciled their differences.

In a video shared on Sarah’s IG page, Sarah expressed excitement in meeting Rita Edochie for the first time.

She noted that they have reconciled their differences and are now on good terms.

Rita Edochie on her part confirmed Sarah’s statement while urging everyone to forgive her (Sarah).

The duo also shared a quick kiss at the end of the video.

Captioning the post, Sarah wrote:

Look who I met at the airport this morning ☺️
@ritaedochie we’ve patched things up and yes I’m truly repentant ❤️

Love is winning “

See the post below:


The video generated a lot of comments from netizens as some commended Sarah’s action.

One realtor_mincent wrote: “Judy is bad luck !! See how Sarah almost messed her brand up because of the love she had for Judy .. and the funny thing is that Judy was Acting like a celebrity to Sarah .. Sarah will have a controversy online and Judy won’t even reciprocate the same energy Sarah gave in ..if you love queen may , please patronize Sarah martins .. her products are effective.”

tony_chibuko wrote: “That means that you listen to my advice and advise of many, what your recent actions portrait is that you are well brought up by your parents. But friendship pleasure makes you go astray. You have been forgiven. See the type of inner peace you will have from now henceforth. ❤️❤️. Let love leads”

shomie_thickana wrote: “Y’all  ehhhhh you see PEACE???? PEACE IS SOOOOOO UNDERRATED in the generation, when u feel peace you will be happy. I love this for you sarah. From a die hard Queen May’s fan❤️”

official_christey wrote: “Just see how pple started commenting positively on ur post now because you have realized ur mistake, taking all bullets for Judy who cannot do same thing for u. “


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