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May Edochie’s close friend speaks on reports of her divorce from Yul Edochie, blasts actor


A close friend of May Edochie has refuted claims about her divorce from her husband, Yul.

In a post on her Instagram page, the friend, who is also an entrepreneur, clarified that May Edochie’s marriage is still intact.

Expressing her frustration with bloggers, she questioned their motive for sharing false stories which she claimed was solely for amassing traffic and attention.

She pointed out the similarities between this situation and the incident involving Davido and Cubana Chief Priest, where bloggers manipulated the truth and altered the narrative.

Identified as Valencia Poise on Instagram, she wrote:

“I want to clearly state that MAY and YUL are not divorced… Not going through divorce process yet. I wonder why bloggers post things that do not exist just to gather social media traffic.

Please ignore such Rumours. This was how they meddled up Davido and Cubana Chief Priest’s issue and changed the narrative.

Please what May needs from us all now is our fervent prayers not false assumptions.

“May God not allow evil to befall us”.

In a follow-up post, she wrote:

“How can someone lose his 1st son, 16 years old handsome boy with a bright future it’s not even up to 2 months and he’s posting like Mtn on his page. He didn’t even mourn the boy for even 6months. No respect for the Dead. Tufiakwa. People that keep defending nonsense, when you are not a victim, your mouth will be sharp till it happens to you or your family member.

May our children never marry trials and tribulations. Amen”.

In another post, she continued:

“What a mental torture, it’s painful because you deserve none of these pains.

Queen MAY i pray for you today that the Almighty Lord will advocate for you and give you tranquility in the midst of this storm.
I pray that our loving God will cover you with his presence, May he pour peace on your open cuts and soothe your pains in the way no human could possibly do.

May the Lord walk closely beside you on this journey of healing and recovery because my dear, I know the pain is real but I pray today that the Lord will turn this pain into a beautiful new tomorrow and he will lift you out of where you are right now and mend this broken heart until it is mended into a miracle that glorifies his loving kindness.

May the Lord guide you in this season of transition, strength you, restore your heart and uphold you with his generous spirit.

My deepest prayer is that everything the Enemy meant for evil, may the Lord generously reward them back with their evil, a million times over and may they reap bountifully the reward of their evil deeds.
May anyone who in someway justified the wrong that’s been done to you, may the same measure be given to that person and their generations yet unborn. AMEN (Matthew 7:2)
Who ever downplayed your tears and pain, may their eyes remain wet and their hearts torn to shreds at all turns of life.

My dear, I declare in the name Of Jesus Christ that the Lord will put a bounce back in your step, a smile back on your face and a dance back on your feet and everyone will say, “. Indeed, the Lord is with her”.

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