Home Entertainment Massive crowd as Mohbad’s body undergoes exhumation (Video)

Massive crowd as Mohbad’s body undergoes exhumation (Video)

  • A lot of people gathered to observe the exhumation of the late singer Mohbad’s body.
  • The remains of the crooner who was buried on 13th September barely 24 hours after his death have now been dug up to ensure a proper investigation into the matter.

A lot of Nigerians trooped out en masse to witness the exhumation of late singer, Mohbad’s body in Ikorodu, Lagos State.

Mohbad’s body was agreed to be exhumed after the late crooner’s parents and other accomplices had a meeting with the police on Monday, 18th September.

Mohbad passed away on Tuesday, 12th September and was speedily buried the next day which sparked outrage from netizens who yearned for an autopsy test to be conducted in order to ascertain the cause of his death.

After all said and done, Mohbad’s body was exhumed today and a lot of people were witnesses to the moment.

Watch the video below:

Taking to the comment section, some netizens drop powerful prayers for a miracle to take place.

official_dc_teezy wrote: “God almighty please show your power they don burial Lazarus too and you show your mighty power oh lord “

lizzyflourishgold_ar wrote: “God plz give him second chance to live .”

_candyberry01_ wrote: “God of miracle there nothing u not do .”

tinatona_world wrote: “Haaaa thank God ❤️❤️❤️I think my mind we come down small”

iambusadino wrote: “there is nothing jah can’t do… he has done it in the past e can still do it again “

iamrockp wrote: “How I wish he wake up”

gayemuhlenburg wrote: “His father must answer why he was so buried fast……”

general_otf01 wrote: “This is very simple way that we will know how that really happens d”

youtuber_mena_11 wrote: “I have some questions, so my questions goes like this, come to think of it, I’m thinking allegedly, someone maybe g*y there, you can see the way the boy are running from him and they are thin, What of they are fed up that’s why they come after them because if not is it dr*gs? I feel so bad .”


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