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Man in Moyo Lawal’s tape spotted ‘having fun’ another lady in new video

  • The man in Moyo Lawal’s viral tape has been captured in another video making out with a mystery lady.
  • Just like Moyo’s own, he was also filming the moment of intercourse and the lady seemed to be aware.
  • How the video leaked online remains a mystery.

Nollywood actress, Moyo Lawal became a subject of discussion online after her tape with a mystery man leaked online. The video which spread like wildfire all over the internet generated a lot of comments from netizens who chipped in their thoughts as regards the saga.

Be it as it may, some Nigerians were keen on ascertaining the identity of the man in the video and covert works began.

In the process, netizens have dug out another video of the same man engaging in coitus with a mystery lady.
In the clip, the man is seen recording with his phone while doing what he knows best.

The video has raised the eyebrows of many, causing many to envisage that he specializes in making videos of women and probably leaking them on social media.

This comes hours after Moyo Lawal officially addressed her viral leaked tape.

In a post via her IG page, the actress noted that the video was leaked without her consent which is a criminal breach of privacy. Moyo Lawal also vowed to take legal action as regards the scandal.

Speaking on the identity of the man in the tape, the thespian noted that he is her ex-lover whom she was on the verge of marrying at that moment.

Moyo Lawal further emphasized her commitment to being strong in the face of the messy scandal; not allowing it to break her spirit.

In conclusion, she thanked everyone for their support during this difficult phase of her life. She added that this is her first and only statement concerning the saga.


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