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“I was once paid N3K for 11 scenes in a movie” – Actor Adewale Adebiosu breaks down in tears as he begs for help (Video)

  • Veteran Nollywood actor, Adewale Adebiosu recounts how he was paid N3K after featuring in a movie.
  • The Yoruba actor broke down in tears as he cried for help. 

Veteran Nollywood actor, Adewale Adebiosu recently expressed his deep dissatisfaction with the meager remuneration he received for his work on a movie set.

The Yoruba actor expressed his dismay at being paid a paltry sum of N3000 for his involvement in 11 scenes of a film.

A video featuring Adebiosu discussing this unfortunate incident has been circulating widely on the internet, drawing attention to the deplorable state of affairs in the film industry.

In the video, Adebiosu recounted the day he received the shockingly low payment, an experience that left an indelible mark on his memory. Despite dedicating considerable effort to his role, he found himself handed a mere N3000, a sum that seemed both absurd and insulting.

Adding to his dismay, this incident occurred just a few days before Christmas, a time when Adebiosu anticipated earning a substantial income to support his family.However, his hopes were shattered when he discovered the meager amount he was to be compensated for his efforts.

The emotional impact of this revelation was so overwhelming that Adebiosu could not contain his tears during the bus journey home, where he cried uncontrollably, burdened by the weight of disappointment.

Watch the video below:

While Adebiosu’s story highlights a particularly distressing case, it is not an isolated incident.

Numerous actors and actresses struggle to make ends meet despite their undeniable talent and commitment. Their financial struggles cast a shadow over their artistic endeavors and hinder their ability to provide for themselves and their families.

The video featuring Adebiosu has sparked a discussion about the need for reform within the Nigerian film industry. Many industry professionals, as well as fans and supporters, have expressed solidarity with Adebiosu and called for change.

They argue that talented actors should be properly compensated for their work, and that fair payment is not only a matter of justice but also crucial for sustaining a thriving entertainment sector.

As the story continues to circulate online and attract public attention, it is hoped that it will contribute to a larger conversation about the treatment of actors in Nollywood.


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