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How Kambili was poisoned – May Edochie’s alleged family member drops shocker (Audio)

  • A lady reached out to a blogger to disclose some details about Yul Edochie and May’s marital saga.
  • The woman who claimed to be May Edochie’s family member alleged that Kambilinachukwu was poisoned to death.
  • She claimed he was eliminated with a burger and drink delivered to him at school.

An unidentified lady who reached out to a blogger claiming to be May Edochie‘s family member has spoken on how Yul Edochie’s first son, Kambilinachukwu died.

According to the lady who gave her report via a live video, Kambilinachukwu was poisoned to death in school.

She claimed that the burger and drink delivered to him in school was poisoned and after eating them, he complained to his friend about how he was feeling.

According to her, Kambili’s friend was lucky to have escaped death because he didn’t join Yul’s son to consume the snacks as he was fasting.

She added that the family of the boy who witnessed how Kambilinachukwu died were also threatened not to speak.

Watch the video below:

The revelation spurred a lot of comments from netizens who chipped into their thoughts as regards the matter.

One chic_esosa wrote: “You people better not be spreading rumours …a 16 year old boy is not a child that will just eat burger without knowing who sent it to him.”

okm_herbal wrote: “Poisoned ? She should at least let us know if there has been headway in the investigation.

This is so sad honestly, I wish May comfort in the midst of all these happenings.”

delish_by_dara wrote: “WHO  delivered the burger where did it cone from how which restaurant how about the delivery guy and when was it delivered.”

flexypretty1 wrote: “No matter how untouchable people might think they, goliath was untouchable n undefeated but he was brought down with a stone. You might be fortified by powers beyond imagination but when God remembers your case, what will bring you down will be smaller than a stone. Keep resting in the Lord Kambili.”

cherrywillz1 wrote: “Which  private school in Nigeria will approve of a student getting food delivered to him from outside just like that? Even as a parent it’s a long protocol to even see your child during school hours let alone give him anything

Y’all should Stop please”


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