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“Hilda Baci has made over N70M from her cooking class” – Lady in shock as she calculates chef’s earnings (Video)

  • A lady has taken to social media to do an arithmetic of the whopping amount the celebrity chef, Hilda Baci generated from registrations of her cooking class.
  • The lady noted that over 2000  have signed up for the cooking class of which the registration fee is N35K.
  • 35,000 multiplied by 2000 gives a total of N70M, alongside other bonuses and sponsorships she claims Hilda Baci will definitely receive.

A lady was taken aback as she suggested that Chef Hilda Baci had purportedly raked in over N70 million from her forthcoming cooking class, even though the registration was still ongoing.

The revelation left her in shock, prompting her to share her findings on social media.

The lady had recently registered for Chef Hilda Baci’s cooking class, for which she paid a fee of N35,000. Upon further consideration, she estimated that the number of participants had already exceeded 2000.

Armed with this knowledge, she calculated the potential earnings from the class by multiplying the registration fee by the number of participants, which resulted in a staggering figure of N70 million.

Expressing her astonishment at the sum, the lady couldn’t help but imagine the profits Chef Hilda Baci would make if an additional 500 people were to register.

In her words:

“I just registered for Chef Hilda Baci’s class with the sum of N35k there are over 2000 people in her class. If N35k is multiplied by 2000 people, it equals N70m. She will be making N70m and registration for the class is still ongoing. Imagine if 500 more people register.”

It’s worth noting that Chef Hilda Baci’s cooking class was largely embraced by her fans and interested individuals which led to the influx of people.

The allure of learning from such a renowned culinary expert enticed many to enrol, despite the relatively high registration cost.

More individuals are expected to join as registration is still ongoing.

Watch the lady speak below:

Hilda Baci has made over N70M from her cooking class – Lady in shock as she calculates chef’s earnings -VIDEO


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