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“He looks suspicious” – Netizen raises alarm over what man was caught doing to Mr. Ibu at event (Video)

  • A video circulating online captures a man spraying money on Mr. Ibu during his 40 years on stage celebration.
  • Sharing the clip, the poster insinuated something awkward with the way the man sprayed the money on Mr. Ibu thereby stirring suspicion among netizens.

A concerned young man raised alarm regarding the safety of veteran Nollywood actor John Okafor, famously known as Mr. Ibu, after sharing a rare video from his 40 years on stage celebration.

Identified as @02.star_signs on TikTok, he posted a video showing a man spraying money on Mr. Ibu in a rather suspicious manner.

In the video, money was being sprayed directly onto Mr. Ibu’s forehead. Expressing his thoughts, the TikToker questioned the appropriateness of such an act towards a legend like Mr. Ibu.

In his caption, he wrote:

Look at this video very well, is this right? How could someone be spraying Real Mr. Ibu like that in the head, forehead for that matter. This is not funny.”

Watch the video below:

Concerned netizens who viewed the video also voiced their opinions in the comment section. Some asserted that if any unfortunate incident were to happen to Mr. Ibu, the person responsible for spraying money on him in such a manner should be held accountable.

See reactions below:

@Berrypiss.y wrote: “And he even suspected as d way he looked at d person.”

@Joy Godwin wrote: “He did not spray all the money after touching it on his head.”

@Big_Legacy3 wrote: “And una they tell me dat make I no be ritualist make the block come first.”

@1-COF wrote: “MR IBU you re highly protected by God Almighty. No weapon formed against you shall proper. Cos God has given u authority over principalities n power.”

@mronedaycomedy32 wrote: “That man look suspicious.”

@BobbyTech wrote: “Mr Ibu sef no be ordinary man.”

@DEQUEEN BUNT DO wrote: “His evil plans will return back to him.”

@Girl Like Anna wrote: “If anything happens to me ibu, we will hold that man responsibly.”

@carlidon20 wrote: “That man is suspicious.”


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