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“Happie Boys failed 6 out of 7 courses, always carrying different girls” – Man shares chat with insider


A Twitter user identified by his handle as @UncleCCA has shared a screenshot of the chat he received from an insider as regards the former security guys, Happie Boys.

This comes amid intense series of call-outs launched by the boys against their sponsor, Apostle Chibuzor whom they claimed had abandoned them after flying them to Cyprus to study.

Happie boys girls school failed courses

From the screenshots, the individual whose identity was hidden noted that the boys failed 6 out of their 7 courses, constantly clubbing, posting videos of themselves drinking and smoking online, and jumping from one woman to another.

The source added that the boys virtually turned their apartment into a clubhouse due to constant partying and merriment.

Sharing the chats, the Twitter user wrote:

“Student on scholarship failed 6 out of 7 classes. They went to Cyprus and forgot where they came from. Partying, clubbing, drinking, and all the shenanigans.”

See screenshots below:

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