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Ghetto kids wows Britain’s Got Talent judges with sensational display, gets golden buzzer midway through performance (Video)


Ghetto Kids, the viral Ugandan dance crew made up of children, impressed the judges and audience of Britain’s Got Talent with their dynamic and sensational choreographic performance , thereby earning themselves a coveted golden buzzer.

During the performance, renowned dance judge Bruno Tonioli was so captivated by the group’s exceptional talent that he hit the golden buzzer, stunning both the audience and his fellow judges.

A video shows the awe-inspiring moment when Bruno was unable to contain his excitement and pressed the golden button halfway through the performance, showering the talented kids with glittering confetti.

Legendary judge, Simon Cowell, was undoubtedly shocked by the unexpected move, as the golden buzzer is typically pressed after a performance.

Cowell commended Ghetto Kids for their outstanding performance and the incredible experience of receiving the golden buzzer during their exhibition and performing amidst a shower of confetti.

He acknowledged that this was the first time such an event had taken place on the show.

 “That’s never actually happened. Normally the Golden Buzzer is pressed afterwards. He gave you the Golden Buzzer, and you performed in the confetti. It was wonderful,” Cowell said.

Watch their energetic and sensational performance below:


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