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Fans finger music exec, Dapper as Hilda Baci sparks dating rumours with man she was spotted rocking in club (Video)

hilda baci dating dapper music
  • A video of Hilda Baci rocking a mystery man at a club recently surfaced online.
  • In the clip, the man’s face was kept out of the camera and many speculated that it was her boyfriend due to their sensual moves.
  • However, some eagled-eyed and observant netizens reached a conclusion that the lad was Dapper; a renowned music promoter and record label boss.

A video making rounds online captures the celebrity chef, Hilda Baci and a mystery man having fun at a club.

In the video, Hilda Baci and the man held each other passionately as they danced.

A caption that accompanied the clip hinted at the lad being Hilda Baci’s boyfriend but netizens were quite restless due to the fact that his face wasn’t captured on camera and as expected speculations ensued.

Judging by his pieces of jewellery, tattoos and physique, some netizens came to the conclusion that the man she was with is Dapper; the CEO of one of the foremost music distribution companies, Dvpper Music.

Watch the video below:

Reacting to the video, One @hotshot_mimi wrote: “Thats dapper”

ayoomiideh wrote: “Dapperdamm lol”

iam_mztonia wrote: “The man wey we don know already “

tuphat_ahdeytunjhe_buttress wrote: “@dapperdamm I think.”

soplux7 wrote: “Why u dey hide his face? Who send am message?”

racheal_ara_chocolate wrote: “This celebrity life tough Sha small thing your already on blogs omo.”

idogaremike wrote: “Trust Nigerian FBI to dig his picture and page out.”

momnextdoor__ wrote: “Lol he’s no longer a mystery man, give the internet till he end of the week. Should’ve just kept him off completely lol.

milly_posh21 wrote: “Online in-laws over to you make una find the man.”

richy_billy_02 wrote: “She come dey hide the man face because of all this girlfriend snatchers “

womanchef_official wrote: “Let her breathe”

vincent_ebanyi wrote: “They will dig him out from his jewelery, tattoo, skin colour and even beards.. watch out.”


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