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“Don’t mock Christ” – Netizens kick as Ifu Ennada rolls out sultry photos, says she’s born again

Ifu ennada sultry photos born again
  • Ifu Ennada takes to social media to celebrate her birthday while rolling out some racy photos of herself.
  • She subsequently triggered netizens due to her caption which some described as a mockery to Christianity.

Reality star, Iheme Faith Uloma, better known as Ifu Ennada has sparked backlashes due to her sultry photoshoot accompanied by a religious caption which many people found offensive to Christianity.

Celebrating her 31st birthday today, July 23, the former BBNaija star took to social media to share some revealing and steamy photos.

The images show her wearing a slim leather lingerie-like outfit that leaves a significant portion of her body uncovered.

While sharing the birthday photos, Ifu Ennada mentioned that she is now a born-again Christian and her previously wretched soul has been delivered from evil.

She further explained that the chosen photos hold deep meaning for her and pleaded with netizens not to hastily condemn her for them.

In her words:

“Happy Birthday To Me; A wretched sinner saved by his grace and welcomed into royalty.

On this special day, I’d like to announce that I’ve officially given my life to Christ. Yes, I am born again.

The past few years saw me stray from Christ and live a life that almost ended me, but His Mercy saved me and even though it’s not been easy overcoming my flesh and leading this new life, I’m committed to staying on the right path. The path to eternal life in Christ.

There is a deep meaning behind these photos I’m using to celebrate my day and announce my new life. Don’t be in a rush to condemn me without having an understanding of the message it carries”.

Refer to the post below:


The outfit caused a stir online, with many expressing their displeasure and criticism over what they perceived as a lack of respect for Christian values.

One Kulprinz Anthony wrote: “Christianity condones a lot. Try it with the opposite religion and see”

Rita Ihongbe Ikechukwu wrote: “I see you like being controversial and the attention it gives”

Kulprinz Anthony wrote: “Christianity condones a lot. Try it with the opposite religion and see”

Rita Osunde wrote: “This is mockery to Christianity. Grow up Ifu Ennada”

Tywolf Danjuma wrote: “You are supposed to be older, post your naked photos in peace. Why the sermon in the caption if this is the rubbish you wanted to post? Anyways happy birthday!”

Richy Gold wrote: “Just don’t mock CHRIST. Ur, dressing is against his teachings. U can do whatever u wish but leave CHRIST out of ur nakedness. U guys always talk anyhow cos Christians are against violence”


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