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Chaos erupts as pump attendant mistakenly fills man’s motor tank with fuel -VIDEO

fuel attendant fill man's tank
  • Heated exchange occurred in a petrol station after a fuel attendant mistakenly filled a man’s car tank. 
  • The video making rounds online captured the moment the man raised fiercely in the fueling station while people watched.
  • The clip subsequently garnered attention on social media platforms, especially due to the high cost of fuel lately.

A TikTok user identified as @optionscity recently posted a video capturing a heated exchange involving a man and a fuel attendant.

In the clip, the visibly furious man could be seen confronting a pump attendant for filling his vehicle’s tank with fuel against his will.

His outburst resounded through his loud shouting, while the pump attendant was taken away by her colleagues to prevent the situation from getting worse.

The video was accompanied by a caption that read:

“The girl don mistakenly full tank. Na the matter we still dey settle.” 

Watch the video below:


Na the matter we still dey settle 😅

♬ original sound – OPTIONS😎

The video swiftly gained traction on TikTok, circulating widely among users who expressed their thoughts accordingly.

One Daeny wrote: “omo I hear some attendants are doing this o….intentionally”

Thebeyonder616 wrote: “You go explain tire evidence no go Dey .”

Iam_princess wrote: “If them leave her watin she go do?”

Queen Debbie wrote: “The man suppose happy.. the girl go pay! He shud make sure she pays for it.”

dav3 wrote: “na she go pay na the man is free to go.”

Pinopino Beauty wrote: “But wait a minute wetin she wan donHuh.”

Tzvicto98 wrote: “Na OWERRI be this . close to Executive Garden .”

VytaminQ wrote: “omo we pump attendants see something that year. but i savi change am for customer”

Blaise Ochieze wrote: “to full persin tank now nah very big problem.. jus look at the direction nigeria is heading”

RN wrote: “So she filled the tank so the man won’t have a choice but to pay for the full tank or what ?”

EsthymarcT wrote: “But the man no reason say the amount he paid is actually taking longer, atimes this mistake do happen,person wey neva do this job no go understand.”


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