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“Carry your disgusting bad belle away from me” – Korra Obidi fires at ex-husband, Justin Dean (Video)

  • Nigerian dancer and singer, Korra Obidi has thrown hot shades at her ex-husband, Justin Dean.
  • In a video, Korra Obidi is heard saying that she never forced him to be a doctor while urging him to take his negative energy away from her.

Korra Obidi, a well-known Nigerian singer and dancer, has taken a stand against her ex-husband, Justin Dean, urging him to stop pouring his frustration on her.

In a video that recently surfaced online, Korra Obidi taunted the US chiropractor.

Speaking, Korra Obidi affirmed that she’s happily enjoying her two homes, adding that she never asked him to pursue a career in medicine, and thus, he should refrain from being a thorn in her flesh.

Watch the video below:


Reacting to the video, one @Lady Delpesche wrote: “Give it to him he started it.”

@cloverbernard483 wrote: “You guys need to get along, he’s the father of your children.”

@Florence Mwapasa wrote: “When a woman is fed up.”

@carolyne4c wrote: “The man u marry can slow U down in life. Am happy 4 Korra.Her season for enjoyment after pain.dis oga should let her be i beg.”

@Debby wrote:“I just imagine when their kids grow and start seeing all these drama.”

@Micaela_linton wrote:“Girl he is the father of her kids.”

@sabbysurage wrote: “You guys share 2 beautiful girls together . both try to respect each other.”

This comes a few days after Justin Dean took to social media to thoroughly clarify some misconceptions surrounding their estranged relationship.

The US Chiropractor, in live video, said he met Korra in China, and their love blossomed within weeks.

He revealed that during that time, Korra was earning very little, and her job barely allowed her the time to pursue her passion for singing and dancing. Hence, he advised her to explore content creation as a means to fully utilize her talents.

Justin recounted how he also advised Korra to relocate to Los Angeles, a city known for its thriving entertainment industry.

The father of two stressed that he provided her with unwavering moral support, especially during the times when she felt discouraged due to the initial low engagement on her content creations.

He mentioned that he actively participated in Korra’s content creation journey by being practically involved in various aspects. Justin said he assisted with filming, editing, and brainstorming ideas to make her content more appealing to online users.

Justin expressed bitter disappointment, lamenting that despite all his endeavors to promote her brand, all he received in return from his ex-wife was defamation and hate.

He supported his claims by presenting evidence of Korra Obidi’s earnings in a month, totalling $85,000. Justin insinuated that her behavior changed negatively after she achieved success.

Captioning his Facebook post, Justin wrote;

“Time to defend myself and tell my side of story, I’m tired of the lies”


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