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Alleged reason for Sophia Momodu’s rant surfaces


Following Davido’s baby mama, Sophia Momodu’s rant on social media as regards men who financially bully women and the Nigerian system that does nothing about it, gossip blogger, Cutie_julls has revealed the alleged reason for her outburst on Twitter.

The blogger attributes it to an overwhelming demand made by Sophia Momodu. It was disclosed that she’s requesting that Davido pays over N23M rent for her yearly as she wants to vacate her Lekki apartment.

The report also held that she is asking for a big shop in an expensive area in Lagos; requests Davido isn’t ready to grant.

In the blogger’s words:

“Well so after the whole tragedy and then David moved on to become a husband. From a very very reliable source, Sophie made some requests via her legal team and this was I think few after the marriage.

I was blown away but online in-laws, make your own conclusions.

This is a legally written document that I saw, I’m very certain I saw it before the receiver self cuz of the source.

Well in SM’s request, she demanded for a rent of I’m sure it was around N23mil per annum in BI. A shop in a very expensive area in Lagos and how many millions for a start up business. There were other demands but let’s focus on these first cuz those are the ones that really caught my blown away attention.

It was a very long list. Bear in mind David has always been the one paying SM’s rent in Lekki cuz of their daughter. It’s been from day one until SM Upgrades herself and said Lekki does no longer fit her social status which is cool. I understand cuz eg her bestie lives there so she probably wants to belong to the same social status. But let’s not forget that Mama J whom SM sees herself in same social status works and makes millions herself so she can even decide to live in Beverly Hills if she wants.

Apparently, D declined the rent issue and said I have provided my shelter for my daughter in a very comfortable place in Lekki cuz that is what I can afford for her. Remember the girl also attends one of the best and most expensive schools in Lagos which the dad pays also. Funds for holidays including flight tickets etc has all been catered for by dad all these years. I also learnt apparently anytime daughter wants to go on holidays, dad pays for mom which he has do cuz daughter is still a minor.

I learnt the first rent in BI, mom used daughter’s endorsement deal money mostly. Dad told mom that. Omo I learnt when dad found out, he wasn’t happy at all cuz whatever the girl makes on endorsements should be saved and handed over to her when she becomes an adult. Hence he pays all her rent in Lekki in full, school fees, feeding fees, etc.

TBC cuz IG only allows so much words

Part a2.. D also refused to increase child support money which was also in one of the demands. Few years ago, we confirmed child support was around $2500 a month per child but don’t know if it’s been increased or decreased cuz this was before the last boy was born sha. This $2500 excludes school fees, clothing shopping, holiday monies, flight tickets which some of the Babymamas takes steady . He also refused the amount on the start up capital that it was too much I learnt

All holiday trips are either with first class tickets or Private Jet trips funded by dad [D]

Fast forward, and my point with no sentiments that, Facts is I understand maybe SM needs a working capital which D can be kind enough to give since he can afford but he does not owe her that and so to me, she going through her lawyers to demand was wrong. Even IF they were knacking still [I don’t know] he still does not owe her that. She isn’t an ex wife. She is only an ex girlfriend and Babymama. The only thing D owes her is child support [aspiring Babymamas please embrace this reality even if Dangote or Bill Gates is your babydaddy. This is a honest advise from a caring point].

For me the BI rent is crap cuz SM doesn’t really have a stable job like that and to me o, that rent is ridiculous.

Also to D, if you were using SM’s financial status to do things with her to make her feel there was hope for the future, it’s also very very wrong.

And most importantly, now that D is married, if SM was my sister or daughter, I will advise she picks her pieces together, focus on her clothing line etc and accept the Lekki rent budget and manage for now. When she starts making her own millions, she can then move to Beverly Hills and it’s still fine.”

See screenshots below:


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